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No one wants to hear the words, “I’m sorry, but you have cancer”. Too often it happens, but it happens more often due to misdiagnosis. Watch this video on understanding delay in breast cancer diagnoses and why it can be diagnosed too late.

Going through cancer is a tumultuous time for the cancer patient and the family. Even more so when you have to go through it because you were misdiagnosed. Many cases of cancer could have been treated fairly early had they been diagnosed.

The Law Office of Kenneth Chessick is here to help you understand how misdiagnoses can happen, and how we can help you overcome them. We can help you understand the medical jargon, get you through the red tape, and help shed some light on your situation. Give us a call today to discuss.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:12 Delay In Diagnosing Breast Cancer
1:02 Catastrophic Results From Delays In Diagnosing

One question we hear is why is breast cancer diagnosed late?


0:12 Delay In Diagnosing Breast Cancer

There are a couple of answers to that. Well, certainly one common way is that the patient has an abnormality in her breast, she feels a lump and doesn’t present to medical care. Obviously, any delay coming to the doctor can be a delay in the diagnosis, but there are other negligent ways in which to misdiagnose breast cancer.

Late dismay, many times the primary care doctor, the family practitioner, and the obstetrician doesn’t recognize that the lump that the lady is presenting with is suspicious and doesn’t do a mammogram or doesn’t refer to a general surgeon for a biopsy that could result in a delay in the diagnosis. 


1:02 Catastrophic Results From Delays In Diagnosing

And a delay in the diagnosis can be catastrophic. If it’s too long a delay, the breast cancer can spread beyond the confines of the breast and such that they’re not surgically curable. Another way that breast cancer can be diagnosed late is that the pathologists can get a specimen and misread it. The signs of cancer are there, but the pathologist doesn’t read it properly.

That is also evidence that too gives a false sense of security results in a delay in the ultimate diagnosis and oftentimes, catastrophic results.