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Diagnosing Breast Cancer – Can Breast Cancer Be Wrongly Diagnosed?

Watch our video to get an answer to, “can breast cancer be wrongly diagnosed?” and “can breast cancer be misdiagnosed?”


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:09 Diagnosis
0:50 Most Common Method Used for Diagnosis
1:55 Misdiagnosis Of Breast Cancer

The question is, how can breast cancer be diagnosed? We also want to address, can breast cancer be wrongly diagnosed?


0:09 Can Breast Cancer Be Wrongly Diagnosed? Diagnosis

Breast cancer can only be diagnosed in one way and that’s by getting a sample of the tissue, a biopsy, and that biopsy is then given to the pathologist who looks at it after he looks at it under a microscope and determines whether it has the characteristics of cancer cells. That is only the way that breast cancer can be diagnosed. Breast cancer can only be diagnosed by getting a tissue sample and that can be fraught with some negligence as well as misinterpretation. 


0:50 Can Breast Cancer Be Wrongly Diagnosed? Most Common Method Used For Diagnosis

Most common way of diagnosing this type of cancer is putting a needle into the mass that’s suspected to be cancerous and then removing a segment of that tissue and giving it to the pathologist. Well, when inserting the needle into the mass, they can miss the mass. That can misdiagnose and give to a false diagnosis of not cancer when it is actually present.

The other possibility is on an open biopsy, you can biopsy the area of abnormality and not get them the cancer. This can sometimes happen when you’re looking to do a biopsy when there are abnormal calcifications. So those are the among the ways that breast cancer can be missed.

Another way that the diagnosis of breast cancer can be missed when it’s actually present in addition to the surgeon not getting a sample of the tissue when he puts in the needle.


1:55 Misdiagnosis Of Breast Cancer

In other words, of course, is that the pathologist can misdiagnose it when he looks at these

specimen under a microscope. There are characteristic findings in cancer, and pathologists

sometimes miss those and they do that. That can be negligent and, of course, that could be a catastrophic problem because it results in a delay in diagnosis and perhaps, God forbid, a lost opportunity to cure that patient.

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