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Do you want to learn more about the benefits of diagnosing breast cancer early? You’re in the right place! So many times we have a habit of telling ourselves, “I’ll go to the doctor later”, but later may be too late. Watch this video as Dr. Kenneth Chessick discusses the benefits of an early breast cancer diagnosis.

Performing self-examinations is the first step in finding any masses or abnormalities. Following up with your doctor is the next step. Being diagnosed early is one of the best benefits when diagnosed with breast cancer. When the cells are small enough to treat, there is a higher cure rate. However, the chances of having a higher cure rate decrease if a patient is misdiagnosed or the diagnosis goes untreated.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:27 Benefits of An Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Delayed Breast Cancer
1:10 Benefits of An Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Diagnosing Breast Cancer Early

Another question is what are the benefits of diagnosing breast cancer early? And frankly, the benefits are survival at the very worst, and reduction in the amount of breast needed to make a diagnosis at the minimum.


0:27 Delayed Breast Cancer

The longer the breast cancer is present, the greater the opportunity that it has to grow beyond the confines of the breast spread to the lymph nodes, and unfortunately, also spread to areas like the brain and the lungs, and the bones.

We all want to catch breast cancer while it’s still curable, while it’s still confined to the breast, and as still as small as possible. When breast cancer is small, under an inch in diameter which is considered to be stage one with no spread to anyplace else including the armpit, that’s got the highest, one of the highest cure rates.


1:10 Diagnosing Breast Cancer Early

The most, highest cure rate, of course, is when the diagnosis of cancer is made before there is a lump when it’s just a big finding on a mammogram that has been diagnosed with a needle biopsy. The smaller the breast cancer, generally, the greater the cure rate. 

That is why breast cancer needs to be detected as early as possible. There are considered to be different stages of breast cancer. We all want to make the diagnosis at stage one or even earlier when the cancer is the smallest it can be detected because that has the highest cure rate possible.