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Why You Want Dr. Kenneth Chessick As Your Attorney

The Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick MD has protected patients as a zealous trial lawyer since 1984, and as a compassionate board certified general surgeon since 1968. Using my decades of experience and knowledge of the law and medicine, I have recovered more than $100 million for patients with catastrophic injuries due to negligent medical, nursing, and hospital treatment. Consulting with me is completely free. Call 847-843-8044 or write me at [email protected]. Let’s talk, and let me help you.   Medical Malpractice is our dedicated focus Three decades of knowledge, training, and experience as a trial lawyer since 1984

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The Law Office Of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD Earns Tier 1 Ranking From Independent Research Study

An independent research study done by several respected law schools ranked Kenneth Chessick’s law firm, the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD, the ninth firm out of 1317 law firms in the entire State of Illinois between 2000 and 2010. Its 1st Tier firm ranking is the top 0.7% of firms based on amount recovered. Only 22 firms, 5%, made the 1st Tier. Clifford Law Offices was ranked 2nd in the list, where Chessick is Of Counsel. The Chessick firm had the second highest success rate at 57%, the fifth highest number of cases per year, and was the only Medical

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Restaurant.Com Special Message

WELCOME TO RESTAURANT.COM! Welcome to Restaurant.com. My name is Kenneth Chessick, MD, JD. I am CEO and one of the creators of Restaurant.com. You now possess special rights because you own a Restaurant.com certificate or code. This letter will acquaint you with Restaurant.com, and how we execute our mission. Restaurant.com’s mission is to “do good for others and do well for yourself.” We do this by encouraging people to enjoy great meals while saving a lot of money, by enabling our more than 20,000 restaurant and business owners to succeed and to prosper, by helping people earn money, and to

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women.  Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the more common ways in which doctors commit medical malpractice. Breast cancer is a curable disease when the diagnosis is promptly made and treatment rendered. When a woman’s doctor ignores or disregards her patient’s history and medical records, the diagnosis of breast cancer can be negligently delayed and the vital window of curable treatment may be lost, resulting in destructive breast surgery, pain and suffering, and even loss of her life. I will describe one of our cases illustrating this travesty. Mrs. Marsha

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Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer Mentioned In The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin mentioned respected medical malpractice lawyer, Kenneth C. Chessick in their September 5, 2014 email issue  titled, “Court Order for Dismissal Limits Review”. The article shares that he obtained a $10 million judgment for a minor and his parents in Ogle County against Rochelle Community Hospital. Learn more about Chessick’s medical malpractice case win details in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article: http://www.chicagolawbulletin.com/Articles/2014/09/05/Trial-Notebook-09-05-2014.aspx.

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Were you sent home from the hospital after your heart attack on aspirin and then had bleeding or excessive bruising? You may have been the victim of medical or hospital negligence. Your bleeding should not have happened and would not have occurred if your doctors and nurses did their job right.  Your bleeding and its consequences were probably preventable. Aspirin is a drug which impairs clotting, which sometimes is a good thing, and which causes bleeding, which is almost always a bad thing. Preventing clotting in a heart attack patient can prevent another heart attack, but if too much aspirin

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