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The mission of the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD:

  • Compensate innocent victims of careless medical care
  • Hold negligent doctors accountable
  • Enforce the law
  • Change the way careless doctors behave and prevent others from becoming a victim.


Patients puts their lives in the hands of physicians and health care providers, and The Law demands that those doctors must act in a reasonably careful manner. Some doctors violate this sacred duty. As a practicing doctor and lawyer, Dr. Chessick is deeply offended by the careless, negligent acts of doctors who injure their patients. Dr. Chessick has dedicated his career to helping these trusting victims. Medical negligence is always 100% preventable.


Using many decades of hands-on, intimate knowledge of medicine, surgery, and The Law, the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD has obtained much needed, just compensation for our clients, including many record million-dollar verdicts and settlements for clients in the Illinois counties of Cook, Dupage, Lake, Winnebago, Ogle, Boone, and DeKalb. We have held wrongdoers accountable since 1984.


Dr. Kenneth Chessick has been practicing medicine since 1968, practicing general and thoracic surgery since 1970, and representing injured patients as a trial attorney since 1984. Dr. Chessick has contributed many articles to medical and legal journals. His decades of experience and education in both Medicine and Trial Law provides great insights and are responsible for his success in winning medical negligence lawsuits, providing much needed, just compensation for victims of medical negligence, holding careless doctors accountable, and making the world a safer place for all patients.


The decades of extensive medical and legal experience and training provide the Law Office of Kenneth Chessick MD a deep, sensitive appreciation of the pain, suffering, disability, frustration, and loss experienced by the injured victims of careless, negligent doctors. These insights and experiences motivate us and stimulate our mission. Our clients need a champion of their cause, and we strive to fulfill that mission.


Our medical negligence lawsuits make the world a safer, better place for everyone. In one example, the Law Office of Kenneth Chessick MD prosecuted a landmark case to the Illinois Supreme Court. As a result, all pharmacies are required to warn patients known to be allergic to medications that they are allergic to a new prescription. Every prescription dispensed to patients now must include detailed, written warnings of potential harmful drug interactions. In Illinois and elsewhere, patients receiving prescription medications are now safer. We are very proud of this contribution to making everyone safer.


Dr. Kenneth Chessick is “Of Counsel” to the prestigious Clifford Law Offices since 2013. Clifford Law Offices is a premier medical negligence law firm in Illinois and nationally. Together, we are a formidable, powerful law firm prosecuting medical negligence cases suffered by innocent victims.


Our lawsuits:

  • Compensate injured patients for their many injuries
  • Provide much needed future medical/rehabilitation services
  • Force negligent health care providers and their insurance company to pay for the pain, suffering, disability, lost wages, and other injuries caused by their negligence. Innocent victims cannot and should not bear these costs alone
  • Restore patient dignity
  • Provide emotional closure
  • Educate negligent doctors and nurses to act more carefully
  • Make the world a safer, better place.


OUR DECADES OF MEDICAL AND LEGAL EXPERIENCE CAN BE YOURS AT NO COST. We will review your case and provide our expert opinion for free. We only earn a fee if and when we recover for you. You deserve justice and compensation. Do not remain a victim. You must act now. CALL THE LAW OFFICE OF KENNETH C. CHESSICK MD NOW AT (847) 843-8044 OR WRITE US AT [email protected].


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