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At the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD, we hate medical malpractice and hate it with a passion!  Ever since Kenneth Chessick started medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at the age of 19, he has devoted his life to providing medical care to patients in need.  Dr. Chessick strongly believes that every physician owes a very special duty to his patient, which includes taking the time to listen to his patient and to provide reasonably careful medical care.


Throughout his career as a general and cancer surgeon, which started upon graduation from medical school in 1968 at the age of 23 and includes a surgical residency at the prestigious Boston City Hospital, Dr. Chessick has recognized that patients trust physicians and surgeons in unique ways.  For example, trusting patients tell their doctors the most personal information.  Patients consent to their doctors performing invasive procedures, based completely on their trust that the doctor will act in a reasonably careful manner.  As a surgeon, Dr. Chessick’s patients have permitted him to surgically invade their bodies and rearrange their body’s structures. This is a special trust which every doctor must respect. Medical malpractice is a violation of that special trust which patients give to their doctor.


Medical malpractice is epidemic in America today.  More than 98,000 people die every year in hospitals alone from inexcusable medical mistakes. Operating on the wrong patient, operating on the wrong side of the body, leaving instruments inside the patient, doing the wrong operations, and ignoring a cancer or signs of a heart attack or stroke simply should never occur. More injuries and deaths occur from office-based medical malpractice.  These medical malpractice errors would never occur if the doctor or hospital acted in a reasonably careful fashion.


Dr. Chessick passionately knows that medical negligence is a failure of the doctor to simply do his job, and as a result, innocent, trusting patients become victims of carelessness.  Dr. Chessick has zealously devoted his life to exposing medical malpractice and bringing some justice to these trusting, innocent patients. By holding negligent doctors and hospitals accountable for their careless conduct, medical malpractice can be limited or eliminated, future injuries can be prevented, and the world can become a safer place for everyone.


If you think you have been the victim of medical malpractice, we will review your case at no cost, regardless of where you live.  We only charge a fee if we recover for you.  Contact the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD at (847) 843-8044 or [email protected].