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Negligent delays in diagnosing lung cancer are a common form of medical malpractice, which almost always cause pain, suffering, disability, and often death. A timely lawsuit can provide necessary medical treatment, which may prolong the patient’s life and provide compensation to the victims. Medical malpractice is an epidemic with between 200,000 and 400,000 Americans dying annually from carelessness and negligence. The single most effective way that this epidemic of medical negligence can be controlled is by exposing this negligence, by holding the health care providers and corporations accountable, and forcing them to pay for the unnecessary injuries and deaths which

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Whistleblowers Get Paid Well – You Can Too!

Ordinary people who report doctors or corporations which commit fraud can be paid very well for their efforts. In 2013 alone, $3.8 BILLION was recovered by the U.S. government, and the PEOPLE WHO REPORTED FRAUD WERE PAID $345 million. $2.6 BILLION recovered in 2013 was from healthcare fraud. Ordinary Americans reported unscrupulous doctors and corporations which charged for medical services and products which were never delivered.  Some who reported fraud were health care workers, including physicians, nurses, and technicians. Some were patients. This fraud on our government affects us all. I am privileged to have represented some of those patriotic

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Can A Doctor Ethically Have Sex With His Patient?

Sexual relations between a doctor and his patient is fraught with hazards to both the patient and to the doctor, one which is created by every state which grants a license to practice medicine to selected individuals. Only a select group of men and women are licensed by the state and are given the power to prescribe medications and perform surgical operations, which enables the doctor to exert enormous control on every patient. Significant responsibilities attach to those privileges, which are sometimes abused by a minority of physicians, who become sexual predators. Such violations by the doctor are always negligent,

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