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Welcome to Restaurant.com. My name is Kenneth Chessick, MD, JD. I am CEO and one of the creators of Restaurant.com. You now possess special rights because you own a Restaurant.com certificate or code. This letter will acquaint you with Restaurant.com, and how we execute our mission. Restaurant.com’s mission is to “do good for others and do well for yourself.” We do this by encouraging people to enjoy great meals while saving a lot of money, by enabling our more than 20,000 restaurant and business owners to succeed and to prosper, by helping people earn money, and to have fun in the process.


Your Restaurant.com certificate or code immediately entitles you to important rights. You now possess the right to get a significant discount on a meal at any of our more than 20,000 restaurants on your schedule at almost any time you choose. Exercise this right to a discount yourself, give it to a friend, or wallpaper your bathroom with our certificates like I do (well, maybe not). Your Restaurant.com certificate never expires, and you have the right to exchange it on our website for another restaurant at no cost (like free) at any time. View the restaurant’s menu, owner description, hours of operation, telephone number, location and directions, and read Verified Reviews from other diners who have personally dined at that restaurant.

We are constantly adding restaurants (about 1,500 a month), so the benefits of your certificate are always increasing, so check our website or App for new restaurants every day. We even notify you of the new restaurants in your area. Our restaurant owners want every Restaurant.com certificate to be used, which helps you, the diner, help the restaurant owner, who wants you as a diner, and helps the business owner who gave you the Restaurant.com certificate, another example of our doing good for others and doing well for themselves. Watch this video to learn more about Restaurant.com.

Your Restaurant.com certificates are stored on our website and really cool App, and we also remind you of certificates in your account. They can never be lost, misplaced, stolen, or forgotten. Even if some random dog eats your printed copy (dogs love homework and our tasty certificates), yours survive without drool or teeth marks in your account. Download our really useful Restaurant.com App, and exercise another right: immediate access to your account and your indestructible certificates from your smartphone. Restaurant.com helps people enjoy great meals at our more than 20,000 restaurants nationwide while saving you a lot of money.

Your rights include the privilege of contributing to the Verified Diner Reviews. After you dine at our restaurant, we ask by email for your assessment of that restaurant. Share with your fellow diners about what you liked (the food, the ambiance, the staff) and did not like. Your Verified Review helps our restaurant owners and your fellow diners. You do good for others and do well for yourself.

Restaurant.com is a 21st century, digital marketing program, which reaches tens of millions of diners every month through smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Our restaurant owners really want your business! They want new customers to try them, to tell their family and friends and spread their message, and to spend money and help them prosper. Restaurant.com is unique program which guarantees that our restaurants profit with zero risk to the restaurant and no long term commitment. Our restaurant owners want you to present your smartphone or printed certificate when paying to get your discount. They love it! You do good for them and do well for yourself.


Thank you for becoming a Restaurant.com diner. Enjoy viewing our fun videos and learning about Restaurant.com. In 1999, we created Restaurant.com. I have been Chairman for the past decade and became CEO of Restaurant.com in 2012. I am a licensed medical doctor, a board certified general surgeon, an experienced trial lawyer, and a philanthropist. I obtained my undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Illinois by age 23. After general residency training at the prestigious Boston City Hospital, I became a board certified general surgeon at the age of 29. I practiced general surgery in a small Florida town of 5,000 people and then did more residency training in cardiac and thoracic surgery at the University of Florida, before moving back to the Chicago area. I practiced surgery for 32 years, until I stopped operating in 2002.

In 1984, I received my law degree from Northern Illinois University (NIU) and since then have been representing catastrophically injured, innocent victims of medical negligence (www.Chessick.com) and continue to do so as “Of Counsel” to Clifford Law Offices (www.Cliffordlaw.com). I have been philanthropically involved with NIU for many years (www.NIU.edu).

Perusing my many careers, my life has been an expression of a singular common goal. Simply put, my mission has always been, “Do good for others and do well for yourself.” My careers in medicine, surgery, law, business, and philanthropy have provided me with enormous gratification and rewards from helping people live better lives. Restaurant.com reflects my powerful desire to help people, including diners, restaurant and business owners, and people who want to earn more money, as well as our many full-time employees and part-time consultants.

Restaurant.com’s culture is about helping people, doing good for others and doing well for ourselves. Our dedicated, passionate employees have helped millions of other people over more than fifteen years. We are incredibly privileged to have helped so many people, and for that, I am enormously grateful.


Restaurant.com helps more than just restaurant owners survive and thrive. We are a powerful 21st century marketing program on the cutting edge of today’s technology which connects business owners and today’s connected, savvy consumers. The old marketing methods are simply not enough to compete in today’s digital world. Restaurant.com is unique, because we guarantee to increase revenue and profits without their discounting their products or services.

Restaurant.com helps people earn a lot of money for themselves by signing up restaurants and by helping business owners increase their revenue and profits. We train them completely, and no experience is necessary. We are dedicated to helping people, and we help diners, restaurant owners, business owners, and people who want to earn extra money. If you have family members or friends who are restaurant and business owners or want to earn extra money, forward this email to them. You will help them prosper and may just change their lives.


Restaurant.com was founded in 1999 (just barely in the 20th century), and is today a 21st century marketing company which uses the power of the today’s technology and digital world and connects today’s connected, savvy diners with restaurants. We guarantee that our restaurants will prosper with no risk and with no long term commitment. Every successful restaurant needs new diners, and Restaurant.com guarantees that we will send new diners and encourage prior diners to return, all without ever paying Restaurant.com a penny – ever. Our digital format encourages happy new diners to connect with other new diners, their family and friends, by sending emails, photographs, texts, and posts on social media, almost by reflex. Every satisfied Restaurant.com diner is exponentially multiplied by her family and friends, and the restaurant gains new diners. Successful 21st century restaurants tap into the digital marketing we provide. Learn more about how we help restaurants in this video.

Restaurant.com reduces expenses by eliminating the overhead costs of empty tables by filling those tables which diners who generate revenue. Restaurant.com restaurants make money on every table, because our diners are required to spend at least twice the face value of the Restaurant.com certificate. The vast majority spend significantly more than the minimum required, which guarantees the restaurant profit from every diner, all while gaining many new diners. Long ago, my father taught me, “You never go broke making a profit.”

Restaurant.com helps our restaurant owners by providing free, personalized, digital dashboards, which gives important data for managing their business. Owners learn the amount spent by each party, the number of diners in each party, their email addresses, their characteristics, and the amount of money and profit made from partnering with Restaurant.com. Our free, expert, valuable online monthly newsletter improves the restaurant’s operation. We provide the owner with options of other, low cost marketing tools and services, including text messaging, email messaging, website development, and consultations. We are dedicated to the success of the restaurant owners and all of their employees.

Our restaurant partners have zero risk by joining our Restaurant.com program, which has no long term commitment. The restaurant owner may suspend or terminate participation at any time, merely by contacting us. If an owner calls us, we immediately remove the restaurant from our Restaurant.com directory and stop selling certificates. The restaurant must honor the outstanding certificates which have previously been sold to diners, which is only fair. Participation with no risk or long term commitment is that simple. The average restaurant on our program stays on our program for nearly four years, powerful testimony to their satisfaction and how Restaurant.com helps them achieve success.

Build a comprehensive website for the restaurant on our directory.
Market the restaurant to tens of millions of diners.
Drive new diners to you.
Your happy new diners will send you more diners.
Encourage prior diners to return.
Increase your revenue.
Make money on every table.
Increase your restaurant’s profits.
Build a business performance dashboard.
Provide access to a suite of Partner Advantage marketing solutions.
Never charge the restaurant for these new diners.
No risk by joining Restaurant.com.
No long term commitment; exit at any time.

Restaurant.com is in the business of helping people. We guarantee that we will help the restaurant thrive at absolutely no risk. Now is the time to increase revenue and profits. Don’t wait. Contact us right now and make your restaurant more profitable and MAKE MORE MONEY. Sign-up today!


Restaurant.com does good for more than just restaurant owners. We help businesses! We have helped business owners prosper since 2003, when we created our marketing division of Restaurant.com. We are a 21st century digital marketing program for businesses, unique because we guarantee that we help businesses to thrive, gain new customers, motivate customers to spend more money and generate revenue, all without ever discounting their product or services, again with no long term commitment. The old methods of marketing are not enough to compete in today’s world where customers are “connected.” Our high-value, low-cost marketing programs, using both digital and traditional tools, enhance the value of the business’ products or services, gets them more customers, and makes the business more money. Every business needs new customers and new and repeat customers to spend more money. Restaurant.com guarantees that we will provide the business owner with the 21st century marketing tools to bring in new customers and encourage prior customers to return.

These customers spend more money and increase profits. Restaurant.com is expert in email and text messaging and other forms of social marketing. Satisfied customers generate other new customers by forwarding emails, text messages, visual images, and social media to their family and friends, known as viral marketing, benefiting our Restaurant.com business owners immensely from this multiplier effect. We help business owners gain more customers and make more money.

Our Restaurant.com marketing programs are proven to help businesses of all sizes, large and small. Familiar businesses which use our marketing tools include My Coke Rewards, Orbitz, Staples, United Airlines, ACE Hardware, and Destination Maternity. Thousands of smaller businesses use our Restaurant.com marketing systems as well. Why? Simply because our Restaurant.com marketing programs work. They make more money, and you can too. Watch this video to learn how.

Selling a product or service requires a) communicating with the customer, and b) closing the deal. Restaurant.com digitally communicates with tens of millions of customers every month. Our free marketing tools help business owners who have limited experience with digital and classic marketing techniques to attract new and old customers. Every business is different, and our free marketing tools are specifically designed to meet individual needs. Businesses tell us what products or services to promote, and we provide free templates for email and text messages, banners for their website and social media messaging, as well as brochures, window placards, counter top pop-ups, which they print themselves. Our personal marketing representative helps business owners achieve their goals at zero up-front cost. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Examples of our successful marketing programs are many. For some businesses, the goal is to encourage potential customers to contact the business, which provides an estimate cost of their product or services. Landscaping businesses, snow removal, home services (such as window replacement, draperies, flooring, and housekeeping), and automobile services (tune-ups, detailing, muffler replacement, test drives) are prime examples.


Our Restaurant.com certificates or code are immensely useful in “closing the deal,” by enhancing the value of the businesses products and services without discounting. Experience has shown that business owners gain new customers, who spend more money, because of value of their products or services received are enhanced. Their customers get more and spend more, while the businesses avoid having costly sales, which hurts future revenue. Our Restaurant.com certificates are purchased at a fraction of their face value. The more certificates purchased, the better the price. Businesses can buy only the certificates they need, which can be purchased before the promotion or even after their customer calls or responds to the promotion.

One well known window replacement company has repeatedly run promotions in which they offer a $100 Restaurant.com certificate when providing an in-home estimate, which has generated significant revenue at a fraction of the cost of the certificate. Realtors use our certificates to reward home sellers to list their house for sale. Apartment owners use our certificates to motivate tenants to pay their rent in advance. Car dealers give a $100 Restaurant.com certificate when a potential buyer comes in for a test drive.

Other businesses use Restaurant.com programs to stimulate desired behavior, including motivating existing customers to convert from paper invoices and bills to digital, paperless billing, or in exchange for reward points. For several years, a well-known telephone carrier gave their customers a $50 Restaurant.com certificate in return for switching to paperless billing.

Other businesses enhance the value of their products or services, making the purchase even more attractive to your customer, resulting in customers spending more money. Destination Maternity does this. Florists, beauticians, or virtually any retail business owners simply offer their customers a $50 Restaurant.com certificate when they spend $75 or more for flowers or other products or services. Depending upon the price point of the product, a $100 or $25 Restaurant.com certificate may be more appropriate. Fundraising organizations use our $25 Restaurant.com certificates to reward people for $25 donations. We even provide a personalized online website to facilitate donations and process donations by credit card. The business owners decide which offer best meets their needs, when, and how many times and ways to run their promotions. The business owners decides what is best for them, and there is no long term commitment.

Craft the message to promote the products and services to new and prior customers at no cost.
Provide all the personalized tools, templates, and techniques to get the message out to new customers at no cost.
Build a marketing program to meet the business’ needs at no cost.
Drive new customers to you at no cost.
Help you “close the deal” with your customer with our Restaurant.com certificates.
Sell Restaurant.com certificates at a fraction of the face value.
Offer even better pricing for larger orders of Restaurant.com certificates.
Minimum order size to get started is $200.
Option of delayed purchase of Restaurant.com certificates until after the promotion has been completed.
The business decides when and where to use the Restaurant.com promotion as part of its marketing.
No long term commitment; exit the program at any time.
Satisfied new customers will in turn send more customers.
Increase your revenue.
Increase your profits.

We guarantee Restaurant.com will help business owners succeed at minimal cost. We are in the business of helping people. Now is the time to increase revenue and profits and make the business prosper. Don’t wait. Contact us right now and make your business more profitable and make more money. Sign-up to get your program started today.


Are you comfortable talking on the phone or in person? If so, you can make a lot of money helping restaurants and businesses, small and large, succeed and thrive. You can do good for others and do well for yourself. We have been helping people make money, part-time or full-time, by signing up restaurant owners to Restaurant.com and by enabling business owners to sell their products and services without resorting discounting.

No experience with selling? No problem! Our Independent Consultant Program trains you and gives you all the tools to succeed. We provide online teaching videos, written materials and detailed instruction, and even live training teleconferences. Our animated videos for the restaurants and businesses, which you hopefully saw earlier in this email, explain our programs to the restaurant and business owners, sell themselves, and make it easy for you to make money. Learn more about the Independent Consultant Program from this video.

As an Independent Consultant, or IC, you can call or visit the business and restaurant owners in your neighborhood who need new and want more diners (which is almost everyone). The IC explains the ways in which our proven Restaurant.com marketing programs are guaranteed to bring them customers and to sell the business’ products or services without discounting or having a sale.

Restaurant owners get a free website on our Restaurant.com directory, get exposure to tens of millions of diners, get the risk-free, no cost marketing program which is guaranteed to bring them new diners, fill costly empty tables, and increase their revenue and profits, all with no long term commitment. Restaurant owners can pause or exit the program at any time at no cost. Restaurant owners never pay Restaurant.com a penny for the diners we send to their restaurants; they merely honor the diners’ Restaurant.com certificate when they pay their bill. Since the IC never collects any money from the restaurant owners, closing the sale is even easier. Restaurant owners have virtually no good reason to not give our proven program a try. Get started today.


The Restaurant.com program for restaurant owners is different than that for the business owners, and ICs are paid differently. Restaurant.com pays ICs very well for every restaurant signed up. ICs are paid $140 for each restaurant signed to our program, plus an additional $200 bonus each time a total of five (5) restaurants are signed. This means that the ICs are paid $800 for signing up each five restaurants, or $160 per restaurant. Even better, the IC paid an additional 20% commission for every Restaurant.com certificate sold for that restaurant on our website for as long as the IC is an active IC. ICs are “active” when they make two transactions (either a restaurant sign-up or a business sale) on average a month. As the IC signs up restaurants, the 20% commissions add up significantly every month, even though the IC has no future contact with their restaurants. The IC’s earnings continue every month without doing anything more. (The IC makes money, even while sitting on a beach somewhere!) The IC is paid on the last day of the month for the sales from the previous month. For example, revenue the IC earned from any of our programs in May is paid no later than June 30th.


Selling our Restaurant.com marketing systems to businesses is easy, because quite simply, our marketing systems work, as proven by the many businesses which use our Restaurant.com marketing programs, including My Coke Rewards, Orbitz, Staples, United Airlines, ACE Hardware, Destination Maternity, and thousands of other large and small businesses. The IC is encouraged to sell to any size business and earn a 20% commission on every order and reorder, month after month.

Our ICs educate business owners on how to increase their profits by using our many, completely free, personalized Restaurant.com marketing tools. These proven tools drive new customers to their businesses, motivate their customers to spend more money, enhance the value of their products or services, and increase their revenue and profits, all without having a costly sale which devalues and hurts their products and services. Our marketing tools drive customers to the businesses, and our Restaurant.com certificates and electronic codes make closing the deal easy for the business owners and make them a lot more money. Showing the business owners our animated HB videos is just one of the many tools we provide to our ICs to explain how our many, free marketing tools get customers into their businesses and increase the amount these customers spend. Restaurant.com provides free personalized templates for the businesses’ emails, text messages, banners for their website or social medial pages, brochures, counter-top pop-ups, and window placards. All of this is completely free to the business owner. Once again, nothing. Zip. Nada.

The key to all sales, for the ICs as well as the business owners, is “The Close”. The ICs explain how our Restaurant.com certificates and electronic codes close the sale to their customers and make the business owners a lot of money. The business owners buy our certificates at a fraction of the face value. The larger the order, the better the pricing to the business owners. Typical first business orders are $500 to $1,000, which generate commissions of $100 to $200. The minimum order is only $200, so getting an order is easy. Once business owners run a Restaurant.com promotion, the overwhelming majority run the program over and over again, often for years. Getting larger reorders after the Restaurant.com programs have proven successful to the business owners is even easier.

Our ICs make money on every business order. Restaurant.com pays a generous commission of 20% on all orders and reorders, including those done automatically by the business owners, even without IC involvement. The vast majority of business owners find it works for them, and reorders come rapidly and in generally larger in amounts. Reorders of $2,000 generate a commission of $400 for each reorder. For the business owner who reorders four times a year, repeat orders may generate more than $1,600 a year in commissions, every year, and that is just for one business, for as long as the IC is active. These businesses add up, as do the repeat orders, year after year, and our ICs make a lot of money.

Well-known corporations, such as My Coke Rewards, Orbitz, Staples, United Airlines, ACE Hardware, and Destination Maternity, buy and use our Restaurant.com certificates and electronic codes in large amounts. Our ICs are invited to sell to any size new business. Obtaining Restaurant.com orders from larger corporations takes longer to develop, but can be very lucrative with some running in the $2 million annual range. The IC’s commission is always 20%, regardless of whether the order size is $200 or $2 million. The 20% commission on a $2 million order is $400,000 on every order. There is no ceiling or limit.

We want our ICs to make a lot of money, month after month, year after year. Our extensive training for our ICs is constantly updated, including our online teaching videos and materials, and live teleconferencing and teaching, including interactive educational sessions with our home based training staff. Our ICs are never required to buy anything from Restaurant.com (not a certificate and not any of our marketing tools).

Restaurant.com invests a great deal in training, educating, and developing our ICs, and we only want ICs who are serious and dedicated to making more money. In return for the extensive and personalized online and live training and the extensive training tools and videos, the one-time only tuition fee to become an IC is $289, which is easily met when two restaurants signed to the Restaurant.com program or the first $1,500 business order is obtained. In addition, we give a free $300 Restaurant.com certificate or electronic code to every IC upon their activation. Except for the tuition, ICs never pay Restaurant.com anything – ever.


Restaurant.com has an Independent Consultant Manager program for those who, in addition to personally signing up restaurant and business owners, want to create and build their own business by recruiting and managing other ICs. This leader is an “ICM.” We extensively train ICMs in how to recruit other people to become their ICs for Restaurant.com, in how to train and supervise their ICs who the ICM has recruited, in how to motivate their ICs, and in how to monitor their success. In addition to the commission described above for the ICMs for their own sales and sign-ups, the ICMs receive a commission of 20% of the total compensation paid to their ICs. For example, when the ICM’s IC obtains an order of $5,000, Restaurant.com pays the IC a 20% commission of $1,000, AND pays the ICM an additional $200 on their IC’s initial order and 20% commission on every reorder or restaurant signed up by their IC thereafter.”

Restaurant.com has no limit to the number of ICs the ICMs may recruit to their ICM program. Whether the ICM or their ICs pay the $289 tuition is entirely up to the ICM. Once ICs are recruited to the ICM’s team, the ICM is entitled to a 20% commission on their ICs’ total compensation. The ICMs, and only the ICMs, determine the size of their own ICM organization. The ICMs, like the ICs, are required to remain “active” to earn commissions on their own transactions, as well as those of their ICs. ICMs, like ICs, are “active” when they make two transactions (either a restaurant sign-up or a business sale) on average a month.

Because ICMs earn an additional 20% of the compensation paid to their ICs, the ICMs are well paid to actively help their ICs succeed, because this increases the monthly payments the ICMs earns. We provide complete training to the ICM’s team of ICs, just as we do for all ICs, including videos, written materials, and live teleconference training sessions.

Developing an ICM organization of successful ICs is extremely lucrative and gives the ICMs personal freedom, independence, and satisfaction. Restaurant.com invests a great deal in training and developing our ICMs, and we only want ICMs who are serious and dedicated to making their business work. Time, dedication, and energy are required, which is well-rewarded financially and emotionally.

In return for the dedicated, personalized online and live training and our extensive training tools and videos, the one-time only tuition fee to become an ICM is $1,289, which includes becoming an IC personally. A free $300 Restaurant.com certificate or electronic code for the ICM’s own use is given upon activation as an ICM. If an IC later decides to become an ICM, the IC’s tuition of $289 previously paid is credited, and the ICM tuition is reduced to $1,000.

Restaurant.com ICs or ICMs work independently, full-time or part-time, and set their own hours. They generate substantial income by working from home, by visiting the business and restaurant owners in person or by telephone, and by training others to be successful. The Restaurant.com ICs or ICMs are completely in control of their own success. We provide ICs and ICMs all the tools to succeed, who are never required to buy anything (not a certificate and not any of our marketing tools) from Restaurant.com – ever. Let me repeat. Neither the IC nor the ICM are ever required to buy any of our certificates nor marketing tools from Restaurant.com. On the contrary, Restaurant.com pays the IC and ICM commissions.

Restaurant.com has been in the business of helping people since 1999, and we love it. We help diners, restaurant owners, business owners, and people who want to earn extra money. Now is the time to make more money. With our proven marketing tools, you can create a successful business for yourself. Contact us at 1-888-604-0305 or [email protected] to learn more or sign-up to become an IC or ICM right now.

Thank you for your interest in Restaurant.com. Our dedicated Restaurant.com employees are eager to help you do good for others and do well for yourself. I encourage your providing feedback to me at [email protected].

Do you have family or friends who own restaurants, businesses, or want to make a lot of extra money, either part-time or full-time? If your family and friends can benefit from any of our programs for Helping Restaurants, for Helping Business, or for Helping People make extra money, please forward this email to them and post this opportunity for your social media contacts. You will help them improve their lives. Helping people is what we are all about at Restaurant.com. Our mission: Do good for others and do well for yourself.

Kenneth C. Chessick, MD, JD

– See more at: http://thedish.restaurant.com/special-message-from-the-ceo/