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Can Breast Cancer Be Confirmed Without A Biopsy?

“Can breast cancer be confirmed without a biopsy?” is a common question we get. There are many to test and confirm breast cancer. Watch the video below and learn more about what confirms the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Testing for lumps after the age of 40, especially for women who have a history of family cancer need to regularly perform touch tests. But touch tests are not enough. You should get a yearly mammogram that can reveal any tissue signs of cancer, and receive further testing if necessary.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:11 What Confirms the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer: You Cannot Diagnose With A Biopsy
0:45 What Confirms the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer: Signs Of Breast Cancer

Can breast cancer be confirmed without a biopsy? The answer is no. 


0:11 Can Breast Cancer Be Confirmed Without A Biopsy? You Cannot Diagnose With A Biopsy

The diagnosis of breast cancer is only made by looking at the cells of the mass under a microscope and determining whether it has the characteristics of breast cancer. That is the only way. There are multiple tests which can be suspicious.

That’s one of the most common, of course, is that when you, as a surgeon,when you are a doctor, when you examine the patient’s breast lump, there are signs and observations that can be highly suggestive of breast cancer.


0:45 Can Breast Cancer Be Confirmed Without A Biopsy? Signs Of Breast Cancer

The breast cancer typically is very hard. It is usually painless, although not always. It’s usually irregular, the borders are not smooth, but we have little sense of things that are protruding from the mass. It’s different from the surrounding portions of the breast when you feel the breast on palpation. You can sometimes see some cardinal signs that are highly suggestive of breast cancer, dimpling of the skin over the mass that’s in the breast, and bleeding from the nipple is another one that again, is not diagnostic, but it’s highly suggestive of breast cancer. 

Of course, there’s mammographic findings that can be suspicious. You can see against this irregular mass, sometimes there’s what we call little spicules, little sharp points that extend from the mass. When you have serial mammograms and you can see a progressive increase in the size of the mass over a period of time. 

Of course, that’s highly suggestive as well. So these are among the many ways that you can suspect breast cancer and which should lead to a biopsy, which is the definitive way to make that diagnosis.